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Auto Glass Technicians replacing a windshield

Our Mission Statement:

Windshield Repair is what we do best at Transparency Auto Glass as the premier automotive glass and windshield repair and replacement company in the Triangle through our unparalleled accommodation of the customer’s needs in regards to safety and quality. Along with quality and safety, we are relentlessly dedicated to bringing the customer the lowest prices coupled with a lifetime warranty that guarantees our unwavering confidence in our products and services.

Our Quality Standards:

Transparency Auto Glass is dedicated to providing the highest-quality products and services in strict and unrelenting adherence to the National Glass Association (NGA), Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC), OSHA, and ISO’s policies regarding the proper regulations and standards for auto glass installation and repair.

Transparency Auto Glass is steadfast in its duty to hold safety and regulatory compliance as its chief focus with respect to all auto glass installation and repair services. We install only Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) glass of the best quality and fit for your vehicle. OEM glass is always backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. And our installation is always backed by our lifetime warranty. We ensure the customer receives the best quality windshield as opposed to lower-quality aftermarket windshields that don’t fit well, lack a warranty, and ultimately allow for a less safe auto glass option through cracks and leaks over time.

Transparency Auto Glass technicians are equipped with the industry’s cutting-edge tools and equipment, which, combined with their expertise, allows for a high standard of quality provided to the customer.

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