Rock Chip Repair


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Rock Chip Repair by Transparency Auto Glass

Has your windshield been damaged by road debris and caused a windshield rock chip? If a quarter will completely cover your rock chip on your windshield, Transparency Auto Glass can come to your home or work whichever works best for you to repair it!

The Bad News:

If ignored, a rock chip may spread into a full crack, requiring a complete replacement of your windshield.

The Good News!

Rock chip repairs can be a very simple process and prevent full windshield replacements. We can complete any repair in our shop, or our mobile service can come to you. And our windshield repairs are covered under warranty for as long as you own the vehicle.

Note: Should the repair fail due to the uncontrollable and unpreventable deterioration of the windshield, the warranty is limited to a credit for the cost of the original repair when used toward the purchase of a new windshield installation on the original vehicle. The owner will then be responsible for any applicable insurance deductibles.

More Good News!

Your insurance policy may cover your rock chip repair! To avoid having to pay for the complete replacement of your windshield, the majority of insurance companies will pay for rock chip repairs. Call Us Today! We’ll contact your insurance company to determine whether your repair will be covered under your policy agreement.

  • In Shop Rock Chip Repair, $59.99 plus tax
  • Mobile Rock Chip Repair, $79.99 plus tax
  • Any additional repairs to the windshield, $15.00 plus tax

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